Warning Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

How do you spot an unhealthy relationship? It is when one or more of the people involved show some demeanors that are toxic and do not show mutual respect for others in the relationship. Sometimes, some of these relationships get more complicated and spill over into an abusive one.

Hardened emotional puppeteers are experts when it comes to charming their way into your life. Watch out for the sly ones that bring you deep into toxic territory, where it is easy to get lost in a sea of mistakes, pinned and blamed on you.

Granted, who wants to stick it out with someone who breathes fire at the first onset? Many abusive relationships start with so much love. So, it all comes down to being smart and careful. After all, it’s a give-and-take relationship.  Read on to know what you can do to skip the emotional debt you can accumulate in unhealthy relationships.

1.Manipulation through Kindness

A partner usually plays the kindness-card, not with an evil motive in mind, but only to spot your weaknesses, in the hopes of eventually getting you under control. At best, the plan is that they seem to the one doing more of the heavy lifting.

2.Blaming you for Your Feelings

A partner who cares about you will let you deal with your own emotions. It is also good to ask yourself: what makes me too upset in a relationship? How much support do I bring in?     

3.Total Attachment to You

A toxic partner arranges everything so that he/she is at the center of everything, and this leads to them “demanding” to be comforted. But then again, isn’t a relationship all about a mature division of duties and responsibilities?

4.Creating Double Standards

One more symptom of toxicity to watch out for is when you are handed a schedule to live by. Fine, so that might be an exaggeration! But try to reflect what usually happens when you need to be away for some time. What reception do you get upon returning, or when he or she finally calls?    

5. Unhealthy relationships Even Way Back

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and everyone deserves a second chance. But still, the alarm in your head would go off when the people in your partner’s past warns you to keep an eye on them or for some red flags. Stay smart and keep a lookout for patterns.  

6. Putting Your Goals At the Backseat

More often than not, it helps to hear from a significant other some honest opinion about your life goals. But a healthy relationship never fails to have support and encouragement when everyone needs it most.

7. When things get stressful, you’re alone

The interesting question is, how do you know if someone is in love or merely infatuated? If someone is really in love, they bring out the best of what they have, especially during the most trying times.

Should the time come that you think your relationship has a sign or signs of abuse/toxicity, remember to seek someone who will give meaning to your life, and that means giving and receiving happiness. Help is always there if you need it.