Three ways to make the divorce process easier for children

More kids are now experiencing the stress of divorce each year than before. The way children react to their parents’ divorce depends on the personality, age and situation. Divorce significantly affects the kids involved. The reaction is usually sadness, shock, frustration, worry or anger. To make your kids cope up with this stressful situation, you need to take the following steps.

Telling them about divorce

You should talk to your children upfront about your decision to get a divorce from your partner. If possible, both the parents must be present. You must explain to your child that sometimes parents cannot agree upon things, their love for each other changes and due to several other reasons they cannot live together anymore. You must tell them that it’s not their fault. When having the conversation with your kid, you should keep aside all your anger, blame and guilt. You should speak according to the child’s age, temperament, and maturity. You should assure your kid that none of you will stop loving each other even if you don’t live with your partner anymore.

Help kids to prepare for the changes

You should accept whatever the reaction can be from your child after hearing the news. Assure your child that it’s all right to react in such manner. Tell kids what changes they may expect in future; for example, who is going to bring them from school, where are they going to stay, where will they spend the holiday, where will each parent live, etc. You must be honest with your kid in answering every question.

Adjusting to the new life

Divorce can make significant changes in life. You should handle these changes gradually. You may get sole custody or joint custody of your child. You need to make arrangements regarding which parent kids can visit for how long. Your kid’s need must come first in making the arrangements.

Divorce is a very sensitive issue, and you must handle it very carefully. You should take each step gradually and help your kid adjust to the new lifestyle.