We work fearlessly to support family and children whenever they are in trouble. We work towards building a better community for everyone to live. We provide the following services:



We offer various campaigns to improve the society. Our campaigns include anti-drug campaigns, fostering environment-friendly ways of living such as cycling instead of driving or recycling wastes, etc. We help develop our society to make it more livable.



We provide parenting advice to families. We will help you develop your children so that they can be happy and be able to cope up with the society and its various challenges. We help you find good adoption or fostering services. If children cannot live with their parents, we can help you find excellent fostering facilities for them. If you want to adopt a child, we can guide you through the laws and policies concerning the matter. Domestic violence is a violation of human rights. It causes fear, physical and psychological harm to your family members.



We help to fight against child abuse. We know about the laws that support children who are victims of child abuse. We can help find a home for an orphan. If the parents are addicted or psychologically physically challenged, then we can show ways to place children in better care. We can help children who have become violent or are taking drugs to come back to a normal life.



We help you to live in a corruption free society. We educate people about the laws that can help them to live in a safe community.

We work towards improving our society and community, and providing support to vulnerable families and children. We believe that we can achieve good things by working together.