Darlene Hall – Owner/Blogger

Many children and families in the USA are suffering hardship, neglect, and abuse. This site will help these vulnerable people know and claim their rights during the time of need. Their problems are often unheard or ignored. We believe that we can give a voice to them.

We inform citizens about changes in laws that may affect them. We help these people lead a comfortable life by letting them know their rights. We have experts who are knowledgeable about different laws that affect family and children in times of crisis. They are familiar with how the United States government can provide support to this group of people. They show them the right way to invoke their rights as part of the society.  From us, you will get many valuable resources that will give you hope for a new and brighter future. We are always beside during these difficult times.

Whenever there is a change in government policy or law, you will learn about the changes from our site. We will show you the right path so that you can live a comfortable life.